Friday, September 26, 2008

Daryl (Not your cousin either...)

If you ever find yourself trapped in central new jersey and need a NYC fix drop by Daryl. Daryl is a restaurant wine bar that rivals any NYC eatery. I was shocked too but seeing is believing.

All you NY heads trust me it's worth the 45 minute drive.

Daryl Winebar - 302 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ. 08901Phone: (732) 253 7780

O.G Readmore (Coffee Table Must Have)

Graphic design firm, Intercity Design is set to release a book titled “Art & Sole” for all the sneakerheads out there. As the title suggests, the book is all about sneakers and art, showcasing a wide range of shoes from the usual to the most outrageous. It is very nicely put together with a good balance of high quality pictures and texts.
The book will be released in mid-October.

From: Hype Beast

Off the Wagon

Please disregard my comments below in the "K.I.S.S" post. The world does not need another pair of psychedelic colored kicks (AF1's in particular) but we sure as hell want them.

Breath in these Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1's.

"Beyond the simple make-ups that adorn the four colorways are various subtle details. The often smooth properties of patent leather undergo a special process to create a wrinkled effect. As the leather wraps around the midsole, the heel includes Slam Jam branding. Two little known inclusions are the screw-on lace aglets and the combination stainless steel and leather keychain..." - Hypebeast

D-Light - Jazmine Sullivan

If you like good music from a great singer pick up Jazmine Sullivan's debut release "Fearless". The project is dope and songs like "Lions, Tigers and Bears" and "Bust Your Windows" make destined for greatness.

Note for the Ladies - Don't let "Bust Your Windows" make you do something you might regret later on.

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Sucka

It's easy to take the shoe game to a place it doesn't need to go. In the era of patent leather, air bubbles, Velcro and extinct purple snake skin it makes me wanna cry tears of joy when I see simple kicks sans the gimmicks.

Coming Soon is the new line from Yohji Yamamoto (bow down). The shoes are simple and kinda forward in a back in the day sort of way.

Me Likes...

Pic From: HypeBeast

Stop T'sing Me

I'm probably the only kat that is finished with the entire t-shirt "moment". I'm a grownas*man and I don't need to wear a witty, retro or colorful t-shirt every day of the week.

Coming down off my box of ivory soap, Mighty Healthy kinda killed it with their T's for Fall 08.

Check, Check, Check em' out

Pic From: HypeBeast

Thursday, September 25, 2008


These are not Timbs, but none the less these are dope. Redwings are a grown man alternative to plain ol' timbs.
Pic from: Hypebeast


When it comes to the watch game, having a big face is not a bad thing. Bell & Ross make make some of the biggest watches available.

Rejoice in the fact that Bell & Ross specializes in functionality and clean lines, so if you are waiting for a diamond encrusted version of a B&R, keep waiting...


When Hennessy is not Enough

There will come a time when Hennessy and apple martinis just won't cut it. Enter Harlem Vintage. Harlem Vintage is a great wine shop in the Harlem area. Check them out for weekly tastings and other cool events.

If you don't know much about wine don't be afraid to go in and shoot the breeze.

Harlem Vintage - 2235 8th Ave # 4New York, NY 10027 (212) 866-9463

Adidas Decade Hi Grun

These Ad-i-das are made from mainly recycled and/or "green" materials and they don't look like yesterday's Quarter Pounder box either...

We Likes

Pic from: Nice Kicks


A brand to watch is PENFIELD. Coats, Puffers and Vests are their specialty. I know lots of kats are still saving up for last year's Volkswagon blue Moncler but in a pinch this one from Penfield will do just fine.

Candy Corn Kicks

I have never been a fan of Nike's Halloween Packs and this year is no different. This year the pack includes an AF1, a Vandal Hi and two Dunks (Hi and Lo).

The Black/Coral Pink colorway is aiight, but me no likee the black and vomit green joints.

Also, all the kicks glow in the dizzzzark (sigh....)

Image from: Nice Kicks

Bow Down

These Air Jordan 1 samples are hot to death. I'm already on them hard. If they go into production I will be the first with the deeeeeeeeeeetails. C-R-A-Z-E-E

From: HypeBeast


For the fall/winter season XLarge Japan has put together the following outerwear collection. While keeping things largely muted on the usage of color, the collection includes the Civilian jacket, Leather Puffa jacket, Duffle coat and Down jacket. Each jacket are largely interpreted from classic styles with a bit of XLarge’s own twist and detailing. Some pieces are available now while the rest are releasing in the near future over at calif.

From: HypeBeast

Sunday Best Converse

I'm a huge fan of the Converse Chuck Taylor. Check out some ill Chucks with a tassel. These ain't for everybody...

From: Freshnessmag

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moncler Branson - Stone Cold

Moncler makes you wish for snow. Check out the Branson jacket.

Black is Beautiful!!!

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Collection.
From: HypeBeast

Hidden - The Hideout

The Hideout is a good old fashioned speakeasy in the Fort Green section of BK. The vibe is right and the staff is made cool.

The bartenders take the art of mixology seriously. The space is small so don't take large groups and the doormen are keeping it 1986 about the male to female ratio so take chicks...

Good Drinks, Good Space, Good Time.

266 Adelphi , Brooklyn, NY 11205 (near Dekalb Avenue)

R. I. P. - Stussy NYC (1998-2008)

Moment of silence for Stussy's NYC location, it's closed it's doors after 10 years. Blame the economy and the Republicans! Obama in 08'...

Hermes Joints

Take a moment and think about these drops from Hermes

From: Deadstock Don

Common Projects

Common Projects is a shoe brand that kinda blurs the lines between shoes and kicks and they get it right. Take a look at an article on the brand that appeared in

U know the drill, click the pic for mo fo'.

Pierre Hardy

Check out these red Pierre Hardy joints. Everybody needs at least 1 red pair of kicks so why not these.


Lanvin Hightops

Nike Dunk Hi X FC St. Pauli

These have been out for a minute but still kinda fresh. Available now at Hanon Shop and Overkill is the Nike Dunk Hi X St. Pauli shoe, limited to 500 pairs globally. While not known for their prowess on the pitch, the football club IS known for their rebellious nature, and the shoe carries a skull and crossbones to reflect this. Very clean design and limited quantities ensure this sneaker to sell out quickly.
From: Sneaker Blogger

Emmett Shine

Another buddy of mine. Emmett is a photographer and clothing designer. Check out more of his stuff by clicking the pic.


Check out this LRG jacket. It's $2,000 and weighs like 30 pounds. Kinda BillyJean(she ain't my lover).

From: HighSnobiety

RYAN Mcginley - A "2520" You Should Know

Ryan Mcginley is a name in the art world you should know. His work is kinda out there and there's lots of gratuitous nudity but what can you do...

Just Save Up and Get the IPhone

Today, T-Mobile along with Google officially announced the world’s first mobile phone, the HTC G1, powered by Google’s mobile OS Android, an Open Handset Alliance Project. The T-Mobile G1 combines full touch-screen functionality along with the very important QWERTY keyboard. And with Android, the new OS seems much lighter and built with open source in mind, allowing the thousands of mobile applications developers to build unique software for all Android powered phones. Of course many of Google’s popular service are already slimmed down for Android including Google Maps Street View, Gmail, YouTube and others. The phone will launch October 22nd, 2008 for $179.99. This phone gets the gASSface.
From: Freshness Mag

Dope Kicks for Folks with Cankles

I don't scrimnate'. I as big on Adidas as I am on Nike. I'm not so sure about these new joints from Mr. Dassler.

These Conductor Hi Felts are almost there, but the herringbone insert kinda makes you look like you have some big as* cankles...

From: HybeBeast

Crazy Specs

Seems like everybody has been riding the whole eyeglass thing hard lately. For us visually impaired folks a hot pair of specs are a must. Check out these by Italian brand RETROSUPERFUTURE.

We likes...

From: FreshnessMag

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Benjamin Andre to Be Exact...

Benjamin Andre, on half of the the downsouth rap group Outkast has launched his clothing line Benjamin Bixby. I know what you are thinking, WTF!!! Didn't he already have a clothing line. The answer is yes and no.

The Outkast line with the big "O" on the front was kinda weird and I remember seeing this homeless guy with one of the hoodies on recently. Mr. 3000 has redeemed himself with his latest entry into the fashion world.

Click the pic to check out Dre in New York Magazine's Spring Fashion Edition.

J Crew

It's either love it or hate it when it comes to J Crew, but their first ever stand alone "men's only" stores is kinda hot. The folks over at Crew converted an old liquor store to create the new shop.

J.Crew Tribeca Men's Shop at the Liquor Store, 235 W. Broadway (at White), 212-226-5476

Tinker Hatfield

Ever wonder who keeps the Nike brand in dope ideas, Tinker Hatfield is the genius behind 14 or so of the illest Air Jordan designs ever. Click the pic to take a look at his interview with Complex Magazine.

Holy Pepto Bismal!!!

It's like Christmas, Easter and your B'day all at once.

The D_Light - Chis Bevans

Chris Bevans is a buddy of mine from my days at the R.O.C (throw your diamonds in the sky).
He's a good dude and his taste level was always crazy. Check out his new line.
He's responsible for folks like John Legend looking crispy.
Click the pic to learn more.

Roc Star "The Shoes"

Hmmmm... I don't hate them. Let me know what you think.

From: HypeBeast

Physic Friend - Asic Gel

Your physic friend says Asic Gels are coming back in a big way.

Don't wait until everybody and their uncle Leroy is rockin em.

From: Nice Kicks

Nike Air Jordan Fusion 6 Infared


From: Nice Kicks


Before you ask, I'm not talking about Hallie Berry in a white wig. The first touch screen blackberry is on it's way. The BLACKBERRY STORM will be a Verizon exclusive set to drop sometime in November.

I'm a Blackberry junkie and I'm already all over this one.

Think IPhone with less attitude.

Public School NYC

Two kats from Sean John started an insane line called Public School NYC. The collection is hot but it's hard to find. Check out Barney's (New York) for a brief look and the line.
I'm already seeing some of the stuff in videos and in mag's. Click the pic and go to the Public School website.


If you have a crib, if you savin up for a crib or hell, if yo mama have a crib Desiron has some of the craziest designs. Almost all of the items at Desiron are custom made.
Drop by their NYC showroom, I should warn you that this stuff is not IKEA so be prepared for some hefty price tags.

Robin Thicke - Something Else

The undisputed king of blue eyed soul is back with his 3rd release. I picked up "Something Else" and it doesn't disappoint.

Standout tracks like "Ms. Harmony" and "The Sweetest Love" will amaze. "Something Else" drops on September 30th. Pick it up.

Nike Air Jordan I Low Phat

Let these marinate...


I know I'm not alone in the idea that time is speeding up. It was just yesterday that I was looking forward to pulling out my Nike White Label tee's and hitting the sneaker closet hard for the perfect hook up and here we are a day into Fall.

I can't hate since I'm a big fan of autumn, but I always have 99 problems with gear for these in between days. It's cool enough for a hoodie but you run the risk of getting your fresh card revoked by being premature in opening the winter vault too soon....

I think I will err on the side of caution and risk pneumonia and skip the hoodies and jackets until they are absolutely necessary. I think most of you are the same way so I will see most of you in the E.R.

Take 2!!!

It was a busy first day. It feels like the Daily Dandy went from "0 to 60" in no time flat. I'm back for day number two and I think I'm ready for the world to see (and poke fun). I'm gonna send the web address to the usual suspects and wait for the comments to begin.

Here goes Nuffin...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Herpes, Schmerpes!!!

I don't care what they say about Aubrey, she's hot and the fact that she's BFF's with Jenna Jamison, even efffffin' better.
Check out more of her in the new Complex Magazine.


Jaime Hayon is a designer who creates everything from furniture to shoes. Check out some more of his work after the jizzzump.


This may feel a little random, but generally speaking, I am a little random. James is a cool spot in the Prospect Heights are in Brooklyn. Good food and a laid back atmosphere. Check, check, check it out.

James Carlton Avenue at the corner of St Marks AvenueBrooklyn, NY 11238

Ladies Night...

I generally hate the vast majority of kicks they put out for the fairer sex, but Nike done lost dey minds with these. These are magic for your feet. Grab your ti*&$#(*s if you love these kicks!


Fela Kuti (October 15, 1938 - August 2, 1997) - Consider this one more stamp in your passport. The musical style performed by Fela Kuti is called Afrobeat, which is essentially a fusion of jazz, funk and Traditional African Chant. It is characterized by having African style percussion, vocals, and musical structure, along with jazzy, funky horn sections. The "endless groove" is also used, in which a base rhythm of drums, muted guitar, and bass guitar are repeated throughout the song. This is a common technique in African and African-influenced musical styles, and can be seen in funk and hip-hop. Fela was dope.

DQM Dunks

Dave's Quality Meat's has killed em with another Nike smash up. This time with the hi top dunk in suede in colors like muted blue, purple and white. These are "a must cop".

The Dandy-LIST

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  • Blackberry Storm
  • Manhattan Magazine
  • The Obama's
  • Recon - The Store
  • Atmos
  • Baja Fresh
  • Uptown Magazine
  • Billie Piper
  • Doctor Who
  • Kerry Washington
  • Kehinde Wiley - Artist ExtraOrdinaire
  • Primeval - Sick BBC TV Series
  • L.A. Banks - She make's reading fun again.
  • Duffy - Amy without the drugs
  • Flight Club NYC - It's like a Crack Spot, but with sneakers and no crack
  • The Hideout - Old Fahioned Brooklyn Speak Easy
  • Robin Thicke's New Album - Something Else